Coventry™ cleanroom wipes keep contamination out of your process, improve yield, and perform consistently, shipment to shipment. To manufacture a Coventry swab, we start with engineered clean materials. Polyester materials are laundered first in our Class 10 (ISO Class 4) cleanroom.

Dedicated Customer Support. Live support is available via our Technical Hotline at 1-800-TECH-401. We even custom engineer products for your special needs.

Chemtronics® dry wipes are engineered and manufactured clean. They are designed for controlled environments, light industrial, benchtop, laboratory and high absorbency applications. They feature:

        • High absorbency
        • Contamination control
        • High-purity
        • Little or no linting

They are ideal for use with strong solvents and the full range of engineered Chemtronics® cleaners; Electro-Wash® cleaner degreasers, Static Free™ static control products and Flux-Off® flux removers.

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Chemtronics ControlWipes
Solvent resistant highly absorbent wipe

Chemtronics Twillwipes
Highly absorbent wipe for abrasion-free cleaning and drying of sensitive surfaces, components and equipment

Coventry Econowipes
Polyester/cellulose blend, non woven wipes

Coventry Poly-Wipes
Laundered polyester cleanroom wipes offer extra level of protection for critical applications

Coventry Cleanroom Chamois
Nylon/polyester microfiber wipe with laser sealed edge

Coventry Poly-Onyx ESD Wipes
ESD safe, black polyester monofilament wipe - NEW 4" x 4" size!