Chemtronics products make avionics repair faster, easier and more accurate, improving equipment reliability even in the most challenging aviation environment. Soder-Wick® and CircuitWorks® board repair products are advanced materials packaged in unique delivery systems. They ensure exacting performance and pinpoint accuracy. Chemtronics products meet all of the technician’s needs for avionics repair — cleaning, protecting and restoring electrical conductivity to circuit boards and components.


Chemtronics aviation maintenance cleaners improve performance, efficiency and safety for degreasing, contact cleaning, and aircraft surface cleaning.

SAFETY IS THE TOP PRIORITY – Chemtronics degreasers and contact cleaners are ideal replacements for highly toxic solvents like nPB, TCE and Perc. Greater safety without compromising cleaning performance

Choose Your Product

CircuitWorks Conductive Epoxy
Epoxy for precision repairs and high-strength conductive bonding

CircuitWorks Overcoat Pens
Pen dispenser for precise application of a tough protective acrylic conformal coating

CircuitWorks Silver Conductive Grease
Electrical grease for superior electrical and thermal conductivity, lubrication and protection

CircuitWorks Flux Pens
Flux Dispensing Pens for applying flux with precision and control

CircuitWorks Conformal Coating Remover Pen
Pen for precise removal of silicone, acrylic and urethane coatings from PCBs

CircuitWorks Tacky Flux
Conveniently packaged flux gel formulated for easy BGA rework