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QbE Cleaning Platforms

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QbE Cleaning Platforms

Portable, efficient wiping platform for cleaning fiber optic end faces

QbE® Cleaning Platforms offer a more complete removal of microscopic contaminants, without the chance of damage to the optical fiber end face. Self-contained cleaning tools that can be used dry or wet, they are convenient and economical for use in field or OEM applications.

Choose the QbE Platform engineered for your application:

  • QbEEnd-face connector cleaning for SC, ST & FC Connectors.
  • QbE2 - Portable end-face connector cleaning for LC, SC, FC, MT-Type, UPC and APC Connectors.
  • Pocket QbE (PQbE) - Portable end-face connector cleaning for SC, ST, FC, MT-Type, APC and recessed connectors.
  • QbE-R - End-face connector cleaning for SC, APC & MTP recessed connectors
  • Complete Fiber Optic Cleaning System – No refills to buy or investment in expensive mechanisms to maintain
  • Effective “Wet” or “Dry” Connector Cleaning – The only cleaning system that gives both options: For “Wet” cleaning use Electro-Wash® PX Fiber Optics Cleaner or blot connector on Electro-Wash® MX Presaturated wipe first
  • Provides the Ideal Cleaning Surface – The QbE® cleaning platen is perfect for outside plant or OEM application
  • Convenient Size – Portable cleaning system easily fits on work benches
  • Heavy Duty Lint-Free Wiping Material – Tough enough to remove buffer-gel; soft enough for all end-face cleaning. Won’t shred or tear
  • Patented - U. S Patent Number 6,865,770 and foreign patents


  • End-face connector cleaning for SC, ST & FC Connectors
  • Splice preparation
  • Buffer gel removal

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units Per Case UPC

2.75” x 3” (7.0 cm x 7.6 cm), Roll of 200 wipes

1 32599094887

1.375" x 3 (3.6 cm x 7.6 cm), Roll of 200

1 32599102308