Max-Kleen Tri-V
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Max-Kleen Tri-V

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Max-Kleen Tri-V

The Ultimate n-Propyl (nPB) Replacement

Max-Kleen™ Tri-V removes of all types of soils from electronic circuits and relays.  Tri-V nPB replacement chemistry is an innovative chemistry that does not contain any n-propyl bromide, TCE, any hazardous air pollutants or ozone depleting compounds. It is the ideal solvent for most electronic  applications. This extra-strength cleaner evaporates quickly without leaving a residue behind. 

The Max-Kleen™ Tri-V™ Advantage

Max-Kleen Tri-V is a true azeotrope, so both the liquid and vapor phases maintain the same composition. It acts as a single component product, so will not fractionate as it boils. This avoids any performance changes as it is used over a long period of time, or is run through a separate reclamation unit.


  • Quickly removes all types of tough soils including oxidized oil and grease
  • Best product for electronic applications
  • Dielectric strength of >30 kV (liquid)
  • Full azeotrope
  • Does not contain n-propyl bromide, trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, HAP’s, or any ozone depleting compounds
  • Nonflammable, no flash point
  • Stabilized for metals such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and brass
  • Noncorrosive, safe for sensitive metals
  • Leaves no residue
  • NSF Registered - Nonfood Compounds / Code K1 and K2


  • Contacts, relays and switches and fuse blocks
  • Controls, conveyors and gear drives controllers
  • Programmable logic controllers

Vapor Degreaser Setting Guidelines

  • Boiling point – 108°F / 42°C
  • Boil sump temp set – 117°F / 47°C  
  • High solvent temp set – 126°F / 52°C
  • Refrigerant high temp set – 99°F / 37°C
  • Vapor pressure @ 77°F / 25°C – 405 mm Hg

As with all vapor degreaser equipment and processes, observe all safety precautions, guidelines and operating rules associated with these units.  Failure to do so may put operations personnel at risk.  Avoid excessive vapor losses, loss of refrigeration, excessive boil sump heat, etc.  Make sure all equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.  If in doubt, contact your manufacturer immediately.

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Tri-V High Performance Solvents FAQ

Technical papers:
Tri-V™ Cleaning Solvent Performance Evaluation
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Shipping Name - Cleaning Compound N.O.I.


Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units Per Case UPC

20 oz / 567 g aerosol

12 containers per case 32599213950

1 gal / 3.7 L container

1 container per case 32599200769

5 gal / 19 L container

1 container per case 32599196116

53 gal / 200 L drum

1 drum 32599195997