Desoldering Braid (Wick)

Desoldering Braid (Wick)

Soder-Wick, the world's leading brand of desoldering braid (solder wick, desoldering wick) is the fastest, cleanest and safest braid in the industry. It significantly reduces rework/repair time and minimizes the risk of heat damage to the board. Its geometrically precise weave design allows for maximum capillary action and solder capacity. Soder-wick optimizes heat transfer through the braid and into the solder joint, resulting in faster wicking action than any other competitive brand. Minimal flux residue on the board speeds up the cleaning process or eliminates it entirely. 

Solder Wick is available in the most comprehensive variety of widths, lengths and flux types. Sealed in Performance Pak™ Barrier Packaging and VacuPak™ Vacuum-Sealed Packaging, it's completely protected from the harmful effects of the environment. 

Chem-Wik® Desoldering Wick - Solder Wick
As the standard desoldering wire for service and repair, Chem-Wik® ensures fast and safe desoldering. The ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper braid quickly and completely removes solder from circuit boards and components. Its fast wicking action protects components from harmful heat damage. PermaPak™ Barrier Packaging ensures ultimate braid freshness and speed by sealing out the harmful effects of the environment and protecting against oxidation.

Chem-Wik Meets or exceeds the greatest range of performance standards:

  • MIL-F-14256F Type R
  • NASA STD-8739.3 Soldered Electrical Connections
  • ANSI/IPC J STD-004, Type ROL0

Choose Your Product

Soder-Wick Rosin Flux Desoldering Braid
Fastest wicking action with rosin flux coated desoldering braid- Soder-Wick® is designed for today’s heat sensitive electronic components using lighter mass, pure copper braid construction that allows for better thermal conductivity, even at low temperatures.

Soder-Wick No Clean Desoldering Braid
Cleanest, leaving behind no ionic r esidue, with no clean flux coated desoldering braid - No Clean uses pure, oxygen free copper braid and a patented flux technology to make an efficient and effective desoldering braid.

Soder-Wick Lead-Free Desoldering Braid
Safest on thermally sensitive components, with this specially engineered no clean flux coated desoldering braid- Soder-Wick® Lead-Free responds faster than any other conventional desoldering braid. This unique design minimizes overheating and requires less “contact” time thus preventing heat damage to the PCB and sensitive components.

Soder-Wick Unfluxed Desoldering Braid
Unfluxed desoldering braid which can be coated with any flux type

Chem-Wik Rosin Flux Desoldering Braid
Fast wicking action with rosin flux coated desoldering braid- Chem-Wik® Desoldering Braid ensures fast and safe desoldering with ultra-pure, oxygen free copper braid that quickly and completely removes solder from circuit boards and components.