CircuitWorks Epoxy Overcoat (Adhesive Syringe)

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CircuitWorks Epoxy Overcoat (Adhesive Syringe)

CircuitWorks Epoxy Overcoat (Adhesive Syringe)

CircuitWorks® Epoxy Overcoat is a two component, 100% solids, high temperature resistant, permanent epoxy coating for electronics circuit and component protection. When properly cured, CircuitWorks® Epoxy Overcoat yields a chemically inert film which prevents the effects of corrosion, moisture, oxidation, abrasion, and thermal shock. The cured film can withstand brief exposure to high temperatures up to 600º F.

    ■ Provides a tough, protective, green coating ■ Outstanding thermal and chemical resistance ■ Excellent dielectric properties; helps prevent electrical discharge ■ Provides superior protection against moisture and abrasion ■ Resists reflow temperatures ■ Service temperature from -55ºF/-48ºC to 600ºF/315ºC ■ Meets the requirements of IPC-7721, 2.4.1
Specifications IPC-7721,2.4.1
Shelf Life 12 months
Shipping Name Adhesives N.O.I
    ■ Ideal for pre-reflow solder resist repair ■ Electrically insulative coating helps prevent electrical discharge ■ Will not be removed by solvent cleaners

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units per Case UPC Price per Case Add to Cart
CW2500 Adhesive Syringe: 4 g (0.14 oz.); Hardener Syringe 3.4 g (.12 oz), in blister pack 12 blister packs 032599101639 Price: $196.95 

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