Freeze Spray

Chemtronics® Freeze Sprays are exceptionally pure, nonflammable, and provide instantaneous freezing action while leaving no residue. Conveniently packaged and designed for either pinpoint or full board application, these non-reactive circuit refrigerants evaporate instantly while cooling targeted areas. 

They are used to:

  • Test for and locate thermal intermittent components and systems
  • Provide heat sink protection for heat sensitive components during soldering and desoldering
  • Perform low temperature testing of prototype circuitry and electromechanical systems
  • Locate hairline cracks in stressed traces of PC board
  • Freeze adhesives for quick removal

Chemtronics® Freeze Sprays are available in regular, antistatic formulations for use on static-sensitive components, and wide spray formulations to cool a large area immediately.

Chemtronics® Freeze Sprays:

  • Rapidly cool an area
  • Are non-abrasive, safe on plastics and other sensitive surfaces
  • Are nonflammable
  • Evaporate quickly
  • Leave no residue

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    The high-performance, pinpoint-accurate freeze spray for isolating individual components on PC boards

    Freeze-It Antistatic

    Freeze-It Antistatic

    The high-performance, pinpoint-accurate freeze spray that safely cools individual static-sensitive components

    Arctic Blast

    Arctic Blast

    The ultra-low GWP freeze spray with pin-point accuracy for isolating individual components


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